Moisturizing primer for the face smoothes the surface of the skin. Prevents getting decorative cosmetics on the face. The gel included in the composition creates a smooth surface. Transparent powder and special particles create the effect of a reflective surface, which allows you to visually align the skin’s relief. It controls the work of the sebaceous glands and maintains the water balance of the skin. Contains protection from ultraviolet rays – SPF30. Removes inflammation and redness of the skin. Increases the durability of makeup.

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Primer preps your skin before make-up for evening out skin tone, smoothing fine lines and giving a more even surface for your make-up to adhere to, it creates a sheer and illuminating effect as well as provides you a stunning, yet natural-looking radiance to your skin. The special rainbow-pearl will also give you a lit-from-within-glow.

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面部保湿底漆可以抚平皮肤表面。 防止在脸上涂上装饰性化妆品。 包含在组合物中的凝胶产生光滑的表面。 透明粉末和特殊颗粒产生反射表面的效果,使您可以在视觉上对齐皮肤的浮雕。 它控制皮脂腺的功能并保持皮肤的水分平衡。 含有防紫外线 – SPF30。 消除皮肤的炎症和发红。 增加化妆的耐久性。