Corrector type of foundation with a dense coating. In combination with silicone oil, which has a strong water-resistant factor, remains even when water enters, effectively hides shortcomings. Suitable for all skin types. It remains even when water gets in, effectively hides skin imperfections: dark circles, pigmented spots, redness, any imperfections, aligns the skin’s relief and can be used to correct the shape of the face. Suitable for all skin types.

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Camouflage is a multipurpose cream. It can be used as foundation, concealer and contouring.

Foundation: Choose a suitable shade of the camouflage cream and apply evenly on the face. It is highly waterproof.

Concealer: With variety of colors, choose suitable shade to conceal flaws, blemishes, acne, scars, tattoo, eyebrow, freckles, pigmentation and freckles.

Contouring: Choose brighter color for highlight and apply on “T” zone area, darker color for shading. It is very recommended to be use for theatre performances and stage make-up.

*Camouflage can be mix with Aery Jo liquid foundation to create a smoother and moisture foundation.
*Camouflage can be mix with Aery Jo TV Stick Foundation to create a smooth and waterproof foundation.


No.1 (Yellow)
No.2 (Cream Beige)
No.3 (Cream)
No.4 (Almond)
No.5 (Light Beige)
No.6 (Olive Beige)
No.7 (White)
No.8 (Cocoa Beige)
No.11 (Bronze)
No.19 (Sand Beige)

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