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BELNATUR is a luxury skin care brand from Barcelona. It was founded in 1979. It has full range of skin care product that cater for anyone with skin related conditions. It uses natural active ingredients that derives from either plants or from the sea. BELNATUR is developed and manufactured with the highest quality standards, using high concentration of peptides to ensure product deliver miraculous quick and long-lasting proven results. This product has since be the choice for professional esthetician and women in general across the world.

Aery Jo

AERY JO Make-Up Professional is a luxury skin care brand from South Korea since 1994. As a total makeup brand, AERY JO offers comprehensive range of colour cosmetic to cater for both professional and personal use. It has present over more than 12 countries and since gaining a lot of attention and loyalty from professional make-up artist across the globe. Besides, AERY JO has been choice for Make-Up Academy product for their high quality and distinction colour selection.

Charm R Exclusive & SELECTIONS

Charm R Exclusive is a brand for products specially selected for local beauty needs. All its product range met high quality beauty standard set for internationally. Besides, this section also comes with a list of SELECTIONS base on the bestselling and trendiest product. Stay tuned for more.