All Cover TV Stick

Four gorgeous shades will allow you to choose the tone that will be the perfect complement to your skin. Light or medium beige – for blondes, dark or coffee beige – for brunettes and owners of intense southern tan. The stick gives such a dense coating that causes freckles and pigmentation to disappear without a trace, reliably hides acne and pimples, does not give any chance to dark circles under the eyes.

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Apply in concealing and contouring.


#1 Light Beige
#3 Medium Beige
#5 Dark Beige
#7 Coffee Beige

Description (CN)

四种华丽的色调将让您选择适合您皮肤的色调。浅色或中等米色 – 适合金发,黑色或咖啡米色 – 适合黑发和深棕褐色的主人。棒状物具有如此致密的涂层,可以使雀斑和色素沉着消失得无影无踪,可靠地隐藏痤疮和粉刺,遮盖眼睛下方的黑眼圈.