Each color has its effect, red spots on the skin? They will cope with green shades. Remove the unhealthy dark or gray skin color are yellow spots.
Pink – will perfectly cope with pallor and give the skin a healthy appearance.

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Blush creates an optical illusion, drawing the eye wherever you dust it on. The best place to put it depends on the shape of your face.

To slim a round face: Sweep it along your cheekbones (suck in your cheeks to locate them) and extend the color out to your temples.

To balance a heart-shaped face: Apply blush below the apples (the meatiest parts) of your cheeks and blend out to your hairline.

To soften a long face: Blend blush beneath your apples, but not out to your temples.


1 (Yellow Mix)
2 (Pink Mix)

Description (CN)

每种颜色都有其效果,皮肤上有红色斑点?他们将应付绿色阴影。去除不健康的黑色或灰色肤色是黄色斑点。粉红色 – 将完美地应付苍白,并赋予肌肤健康的外观.