In the line from Aery Jo there is a specially developed collection of shades from 96 popular and fashionable shades: pure satin, pearls and matte shadows. They are well pigmented, excellent color, easily solo shades and mixed with other shades, resistant, do not roll down in the fold of the century. They are universal: they can be used as delicate eyeliner to highlight the eyes, as a blush and highlighter, also in the collection there are several shades that are ideal for make-up of eyebrows.

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1(Red), 2(Sunkist), 3(PinkParfait), 4(MariGold), 5(Taxi), 6(Buttercup), 7(Fuchsia), 8(Rashberry), 9(Coffee), 10(NavajoBrown), 11(Chocolate), 12(Fawn), 13(Carmel), 14(Mocha), 15(Pumpkin), 16(Nudepeach), 17(Carbbeanblue), 18(Tahitianblue), 19(Plum), 20(Pistachio), 21(SnowWhite), 22(Aluminizednavy), 23(Slate) 24(Deepsea) ,25(Eggplant) ,26(Almostapricot), 27(Gold), 28(Maldives), 29(Goldlame), 30(Whiteorchid) ,31(Wedgewoodblue), 32(Nutmeg), 33(Aqua), 34(Iceblue), 35(Champagne), 36(Smoke), 37(Sangria) 38(Moonglow), 39(Lemonice), 40(Khakismoke), 41(Adriatic), 42(Cashew) 43(Chinchilla),44(Mesa), 45(Seastone), 46(Cloud), 47(WinterBerry), 48(Santinteal), 49(Sheerhoney), 50(Winterorchid), 51(Aluminum), 52(Mango),
53(Wildrose), 54(Sheerred), 55(Toast), 56(Frenchlime), 57(Rosewood), 58(Cocoacream), 59(Sheersatinpink), 60(Bamboo), 61(Barebisque) 62(Nexttonatural), 63(Nakedrose), 64(Ceder), 65(Godiva), 66(Smokylilac), 67(Dovegrey), 68(Nightsky), 69(Sheerwhite), 70(Black), 71(Turguoise), 72(Pistachio), 73(Denimblue), 74(Jamaicablue), 75(Skyblue), 76(Freshmint), 77(Lemontree), 78(Snowlilac), 79(Sheerpeach), 80(Babypink), 82(AURORA), 83(ROSE SHARON), 84(PEARL VIOLET), 85(ART NEON),86(EVERGREEN), 87(PEARL FOREST), 88(SHARVET PINK), 89(CARMINE), 90(PEARL WINE), 91(AQUAMARINE), 92(BLUEBERRY), 93(PEARL NAVY), 94(MILD GOLD), 95(BRASS STATUE), 96(GORGEOUS BROWN)

Description (CN)

在Aery Jo的系列中,专门开发了96种流行和时尚色调的色调系列:纯色缎面,珍珠和哑光阴影。它们颜色良好,颜色很好,易于单色调,并且与其他色调混合,耐用,不会在本世纪的时候倒下。它们是普遍的:它们可以用作精致的眼线笔来突出眼睛,作为脸红和荧光笔,同时在系列中还有几种适合眉毛化妆的色调.